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Artificial Intelligence for e-commerce
to personalize the Customer Experience!

Powerful Digital Marketing
Automation Tools:

  • Actionable Insight

  • Individual Recommendations

  • Personalized Promotions

  • Smart eMail with CMR Integration

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of prospects and customers looking for a personalized shopping experience.

big e-commerce stores increase sales by
delivering individualized shopping experiences.

Boost Sales Up To 15 %
Convert More Visitors
Reduce Site Abandonement
Our Solution



Turn online user behavior into a predictive data that can be used in real time.

To automate or simplify marketing decisions.


individual recommendations

Customize the buying experience through individual recommendations managed by machine learning algorithms.

personalized promotions

Artificial Intelligence engine automatically triggers promotions and remarketing interactions on specific targeted visitors.

(Big Data)

Track, recognize and store the browsing of all customers anonymous or registered.

Segmentation and Profiling
(Predictive Analytics)

Identify multiple micro cluster segments based on purchasing behavior, intent and preferences.

Marketing Campaigns on-site
(Machine Learning)

Create and monitor recommendation campaign targeted to individual customer behaviors.

Predictive Analytics
(Actionable data)

Find out which campaigns, promos and actions are performing better for your target.

online & offline
(Retail Experience)

Share all the information with your physical stores to complete the profiling with offline purchases.

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"TechTour honours
Predixit as Top 50 Growth companies in Italy"

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