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Predictive Analytics

Is Artificial intelligence trustable? Can you fully rely on algorithms?

Can I measure the automatic decisions made by a machine?

Actionable Insight

Instant evidence of AI contribution

Easily you can check all your campaigns  made through the Predixit platform and have an eye on the results of automated marketing actions.

How many products are seen, the most clicked, added to cart or purchased thanks to A.I. contribution.

Actionable Insight

Performance by algorithms

You can track the results of each algorithm. How many products seen through a recommendation, how many are placed in a shopping cart or bought thanks to algorithms of similiarity, complementary, trending, affinity or history based.
This will allow you to understand which scenario best suits your specific needs.

Actionable Insight

Find out opportunity

You can discover, through specific tables, which are the categories, brands and products with the best performance.

In evidence of high potential products based on ctr or sales conversion.

Shopping Behavior Insight

Shopping Behavior Insight

With the help of our predictive personalization technology, we segment your visitors in real time forming micro-segments.
That’s how we can capture behavioral changes in real time and define for you customers to Reward, Motivate or Get back.

Shopping Behavior Insight

Average Order Value

Find out what is the average purchase value of each category, sub-category or for each type of customer.

Useful information you can use to plan specific promotional actions.

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