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eCommerce Personalization is a path!

  1. Turn your traffic data into actionable data.

  2. Store the browsing behaviors, classifying each user in similar behavior groups.

  3. Identify your users to reward, to motivate and to get back, as well as find out what are your best brands, categories and offers with high conversion potential.

  4. Start by offering a browsing history page, with products seen or purchased recently.

  5. Remind the latest abandoned products in the cart, which have never been bought.

  6. Last but not the least, do it for all users, even for anonymous and non-registered.


Product Recommendation Campaign

Product Recommendation
Product Recommendation
  • AI leverages our predictive technology to deliver a personalized shopping experience.

  • Display personalized product recommendations based on each shopper's preference and intent.

  • Manage many recommendation campaigns, Experimenting different algorithms according to the purchasing process.
    Some examples of personalized path:

  1. Show "Similar Items" in the product detail page.

  2. Show "Complementary Items" in shopping cart.

  3. Show "Trending Items" in category or subcat. page.

  4. Different algorithms are available to personalize the shopping experience among others affinity, based on browsing history and non-click behavior.

Manage Promotional Campaign

Grow your online sales with Promotional campaigns. You can display special offers to your visitors based on the contents and value of their cart.

  • Why offer the same discounts or free-shipping special offers to everyone, if your customer value is different?

  • Why, if you can manage Promotion Campaign leveraging on Artificial Intelligence by automating many discounts according to customers value?

  • Why, if you can convince your users to buy abandoned products in the shopping cart or to incentive up-selling?

Promotional Campaign



Inside the dashboard you can download the plug-in for your e-commerce platform.




Import the plug-in as extension in  your platform to let us listening and collecting data.



Set up your widget and algorithms for recommendactions and individual promotions.

Just like any other analytics tracking code, we need a small code snippet/plugin to be inserted into your eCommerce platform.
There are no effect on your page loading times, hence on your site’s behavior.

Once inserted, user behavior data will start flowing to us in the background. With this, we will start learning your visitors’ tastes. This is essential to start personalizing your site and to create on site campaign.