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Personalized Product Recommendations

Start recommending shoppers the most relevant products based on their unique user behaviors and intent.

Customize to address different shopper priorities. Add and arrange recommendation widgets in pages.

Preview and adjust design before going live.


Instantly Functional

Recommendations are delivered as soon as the products are indexed. Experience gets more personalized as Predixit learns.


Intent Prediction

The kind of pages shoppers visit reveal their intent. Predixit takes this into account while generating recommendations. This ensures that your store gets the full benefit of Personalized Product Recommendations.


Seamless Design​
Recommendations already match the look and feel of your site. Preview and make small design changes with a couple of clicks for a final touch.


Advanced options give you the power to define your filters and dynamically customize what products will be displayed to your shoppers.



Recommendations are re-calculated at each page visit. This makes sure the most recent shopper history and product inventory data is used for calculations.


Individual Tracking

Performance of each recommendation widget can be tracked individually so you know what works best.

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